This department conducts environmental impact assessments, restoration projects and endangered species conservation plans. Our team is specialized in birdlife and flora studies. We stand out at the impact assessment of infrastructure projects related to road and energy (powerlines, hydroelectric power plants and wind and solar parks).

The activity of this department is focused on elaborating studies, plans and programs linked to the territory. The fields covered are spatial planning, urban planning, territorial and rural development (Proder and Leader), tourism strategies and landscape or geophysical studies on demand.

Our company owns the logical and technical tools required for solving advanced strategic challenges. This department has world-wide expertise working on different geographical scales and social contexts. The strategic consultancy must be able to identify the key elements of a territory or entity that allow to promote its social and economic development. Within a framework of environmental integration.

The aim of this department is the design and development of digital thematic cartography, and its implementation in geographic information systems.