This department conducts environmental impact assessments, restoration projects and endangered species conservation plans. Our team is specialized in birdlife and flora studies. We stand out at the impact assessment of infrastructure projects related to road and energy (powerlines, hydroelectric power plants and wind and solar parks).

The activity of this department is focused on elaborating studies, plans and programs linked to the territory. The fields covered are spatial planning, urban planning, territorial and rural development (Proder and Leader), tourism strategies and landscape or geophysical studies on demand.

Our company owns the logical and technical tools required for solving advanced strategic challenges. This department has world-wide expertise working on different geographical scales and social contexts. The strategic consultancy must be able to identify the key elements of a territory or entity that allow to promote its social and economic development. Within a framework of environmental integration.

The aim of this department is the design and development of digital thematic cartography, and its implementation in geographic information systems.

Regional Strategies of Panama.

The process, developed in a participatory manner in seven provinces and three counties, has culminated in the development of six long-term strategies (2050).

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Special Supramunicipal Plan for the Guadalete River Environment (CÁDIZ)

Junta de Andalucía. Dirección General de Ordenación del Territorio y Urbanismo.

Project and restoration of the El Cabrito wind farm, TARIFA (CÁDIZ)

KW Tarifa - Acciona Energia.

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Strategic Plan of Tourism of Conil de la Frontera 2019-2025


Progress of the General Plan for Urban Planning



General Directorate of Tourism and Commerce of the Government of Navarra.

Reformed construction project of C.H.B. Soria - Chira.

Red Eléctrica de España.

Flight Corridors Cartography.

Red Eléctrica de España.

Territorial Development Plan Baru 2040.

Government of Panama.

PGOU of Jabugo.

City Council of Jabugo.

In collaboration with PIPO, S.C.

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June 29, 2022

The Horizon Europe VECTOR project on mineral exploration begins, in which At Clave is a partner.

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February 23, 2022

Award of the Master Plan for the Alameda de Santa Susana in Santiago de Compostela to an At Clave team co-directed by Juan Requejo and Albert Cuchí..

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January 14, 2022

The City Council of Alcalá de Henares has presented a Project for the renaturation of the Henares River whose consultancy has been carried out by At Clave.


Environmental Supervision with Drones

Preserve biodiversity and the Environment.

The use of drones can help to preserve biodiversity by helping to locate endangered animal or plant species, identifying their breeding places, monitoring their activity, and being idiosyncrasies to provide environmental information of interest about them. the fauna and flora of the analyzed zone, its natural resources and the different characteristics of the ecosystems.


3D integration in real image.

Through 3D photomontage, we merge the virtual and real image to obtain a result with a high level of realism and image quality. The integration of a 3D object in a real photograph is not easy, because to achieve a photorealistic image and a perfect fusion between real and virtual images, we have to take into account many key factors, as obviously perspective and light.

In addition to 3D product rendering and 3D integration, we carried out the search of exterior locations and the realization of the photo, to later integrate the 3D elements. We look for the most appropriate environments depending on the 3D integration to be made, in order to produce exclusive photorealistic images.