ASISTENCIAS TECNICAS CLAVE S.L.U., is a consultancy company that performs planning, environmental studies, geographic information systems and graphic design.

The Management of the company, has determined the need to implement an Integrated System of Quality and Environment Management, as a tool to achieve the following objectives, in the development of our activities:

    Develop services in accordance with the NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS of our clients, as well as as the LEGAL, REGULATORY and CONTRACTUAL terms, through the collaboration of all members of the company and personalized attention to each of our customers.

    Determine and comply with the REQUIREMENTS OF THE INTERESTED PARTIES , seeking, in a continuous procedure, the satisfaction of our clients working on the prevention of non-conformities, in advance of the appearance of the by the analysis of risk, and always giving an answer fast, constructive, positive and favorable to any damage caused to the client.

    Provide the Company with the HUMAN RESOURCES AND TECHNICAL RESOURCES necessary, to ensure quality and adequate environmental management, in the provision of services according to established requirements. Create a favorable work environment, training and motivating staff, clients and collaborators in relation to quality, environment and teamwork, allowing the professional and personal development of all its members and the achievement of quality required.

Systematically review the evolution and effectiveness of its quality and environment system to PREVENT AND MINIMIZE CONTAMINATION ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT in the development of consultant activities, and planning controls necessary to ensure responsible action.

Faithful to these principles, the precepts to be met by ASISTENCIAS TÉCNICAS CLAVE S.L.U. they are included in our Quality and Environmental Management System, which is declared mandatory.

Sevilla, October 28, 2016
Juan Requejo Liberal